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Small Group Training

Work out with your friends! 

Working out with friends or family can really help motivate you and also remove the spotlight of a one-on-one training session.  Whoever you want to work out with, in whatever setting, we'll find a solution that suits all of you.  We'll provide the equipment, all you have to do is show up and get involved!
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    Small Groups, Turbo Fit
    As with all Turbo Fit services, you'll have the ultimate say in how, when and where we work on your fitness. Bringing friends is a great way to break into fitness by keeping it fun, motivating each other and getting competitive!
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    Train More, Spend Less!
    Here at Turbo Fit we like to ensure our loyal customers get the most 'bang for their buck'. Treat yourselves to 5 training sessions and we will extend a 10% discount* your way. Buy 10 and you get to enjoy a 15% discount!* *Discounted rates require pre-payment in full prior to commencement of training. For group training prices will be calculated for the largest group size.
For 2 - £45
A Trio - £55
Each +1 - £5